Zintuki - Wild Beer Co - Blending + Sour + Ninkasi, 7.3%, 330ml Bottle


Wild Beer Co
Blending + Sour + Ninkasi, 7.3%, 330ml Bottle
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Ninkasi has long been a favourite at Wild Beer due to its versitility of flavours that work so beautifully with food. We wanted to take this further by bringing in some acidity to balance with the rich saison character and so we blended in our infamous sour beer 'Somerset Wild'. The result was divine!

Zintuki is Ninkasi’s younger, wilder sister (and goddess of food and dinner.) A perfect name for this blend of Ninkasi (our Celebratory beer made with a small amount of local apple juice) and Somerset Wild (a sour beer fermented using yeast and bacteria from local orchards).

A combination of the complexity and champagne spritziness of Ninkasi with the dry lemon acidic sharpness of Somerset Wild, gives a blend richly aromatic on the nose, refreshing on the tongue and deeply satisfying on the pallet.