Wineybeast - Wild Beer Co - Imperial Stout + Wine Barrels + Time, 10.5%, 750ml Sharing Beer Bottle


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Imperial Stout + Wine Barrels + Time, 10.5%, 750ml Sharing Beer Bottle
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The decadence in this beer is derived from our imperial stout base of Wildebeest. It's been accentuated by a hint of acidity and fruit character picked from its barrel ageing in Pinot Noir barrels for upwards to 2 years!

Each year we produce an imperial stout called Wildebeest made with cocao nibs, fresh coffee, and vanilla pods. We had an idea to change it up and decided to brew it twice. One for the traditional Wildebeest and then and one to put into fresh first fill red wine barrels for a year to oak age.

Sour Stout stems from vatting porters in London circa 1800, where old sour beer was blended with fresh stock to give it complexity. We’ve taken this to a wild place looking for an intentional barrel and wine character to liven the palate of an otherwise intense mouth-feel. The tannic red wine notes beautifully balance with the coffee, chocolate, and vanilla, making this a perfectly decadent winter warmer!