Wild IPA - Wild Beer Co - Mixed Fermentation IPA, 5.2%, 440ml Can

Wild IPA

Wild Beer Co
Mixed Fermentation IPA, 5.2%, 440ml Can
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This is our flagship IPA which was concieved at every stage with food pairing in mind. 

Fermented with our unique 3 yeast blend which provides the beer with a level of acidity that cuts through rich food and a complimentary pink grapefruit hop note from the Talus hops.

It is balanced with a dry finish and a low but moreish bitterness.

No other beer pairs with food quite like Wild IPA.

This is the ultimate food pairing beer! 

Well, we have long talked about the relationship our beers have with food, but we have never actually put pairing with food as the number one consideration when conceiving a beer. During the last year, maybe amplified through lockdown, we felt it was time to release a beer that really showcased our feelings towards beer and food, and brought together all that we have learnt about alternative fermentations, and amalgamating flavours and ideas. Our new beer Wild IPA has spent a long time in development!