What Did You Feel? - Polly's Brew Co - IPA, 6.8%, 440ml

What Did You Feel?

Polly's Brew Co
IPA, 6.8%, 440ml
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The Polly's greatest hits tour makes another stop at one of our favourite beers of 2019; welcome back to the party What Did You Feel? We make no secret that we love embracing both the new school and the old school here at Polly’s and melding the two into our own hybrids.
Old school stalwarts Citra and Chinook bring a big old load of pine, citrus, and resin notes to pair up with another two of our favourite new school hops in El Dorado and Mosaic for a tropical fruit salad of a flavour explosion that dances along the palate.
An IPA which is a big homage to both the classics and the current beer trends we love so much.