Volstead - Roosters Brewery - Pre Prohibition American Lager, 4.4%, 440ml Can


Roosters Brewery
Pre Prohibition American Lager, 4.4%, 440ml Can
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Pre-Prohibition American Lager - Alc. 4.3% Vol.

Certified gluten free & suitable for vegans

Fermented  with  a  Kölsch  yeast,  before being  conditioned  in  tank  for  over  a  month, Volstead  is  a gluten free  American  domestic  lager  inspired  by  the  pre-prohibition  era  of  brewing  in  the  USA.  Traditional  lager malts,  flaked  maize  and  healthy  amounts of  Chinook hops  combine  to  create  a  crisp  and  refreshing  thirst-quencher,  with  a  touch  of  malty  sweetness  giving  way  to  a  moderately  dry,  bitter  finish.

Contains Malted Barley & Wheat (processed to remove gluten)