Vaccine 1.0 - Brouwerij Alvinne - Dryhopped Sour IPA, 8%, 330ml Bottle

Vaccine 1.0

Brouwerij Alvinne
Dryhopped Sour IPA, 8%, 330ml Bottle
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A healthy mind in a healthy body ...

While smart scientists are working hard on a vaccine for Covid 19, brewery Alvinne wants to help with the first part of the slogan, namely the healthy mind. With Vaccin (Various Ales Creative Challenging Innovative New), Alvinne brings a series of unique beers with a very limited edition. The aim is to alleviate people's mental suffering and every Vaccin beer will be tested directly on humans.

The first beer in the series, Vaccin 1.0. is a fresh sour blond beer Phi dry hopped with the French aroma hop "Barbe Rouge", which has hints of strawberry and cherry.