Tundra - Põhjala Brewery - Non Alcoholic IPA, 0.5%, 330ml Bottle


Põhjala Brewery
Non Alcoholic IPA, 0.5%, 330ml Bottle
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A refreshing citrus-forward non-alcoholic IPA brewed with spruce tips.

Taste: Overripe mango and melon mix with oat biscuits and fresh citrus. Hints of refreshing spruce resin and a pleasant tingle of carbonation join the aftertaste, with a final touch of freshly zested lemon.

Appearance: Burnt orange with a brief off white head.

Nose: Bright lemon and mixed citrus zest combine with tropical pineapple notes to create an enticing juicy mixed fruit bowl aroma. Hints of freshly sliced white bread and grains mix with a delicate floral touch.

Malts: Dextrin malt, T50 malt, Crystal 150, Golden naked oats, Maltodextrin, Lactose

Hops: Citra, Yellow sub, Spruce tips

OG 6° ; FG 5.3° ; IBU 20

Serve 6–10˚C