Transit Culture - Polly's Brew Co - West Coast IPA, 7.2%, 440ml

Transit Culture

Polly's Brew Co
West Coast IPA, 7.2%, 440ml
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Our head of sales will shout until the cows come home about how Sierra Nevada changed his entire perception of what beer could be. We paid homage to his favourite brewery early on in lockdown with Change, Irreversible - a riff on Sierra Nevada Pale.
Never one to rest on his laurels, Arron decided that based on the feedback to that beer, it's naturally time to riff on Torpedo. Transit Culture is our unashamed attempt at a West Coast IPA in the same mould - loaded with Chinook, Cascade, and Amarillo, this is everything we want from our efforts at replicating those beers that changed the landscape.
Sweet, malty biscuit notes lure you in before an all out attack of sticky, piney and resinous hops, that get a full on seal of approval from our Westie loving head of sales.