The Blend 18 - Wild Beer Co - Barrel Aged Sour + Blending + Time, 4.7%, 750ml Sharing Beer Bottle

The Blend 18

Wild Beer Co
Barrel Aged Sour + Blending + Time, 4.7%, 750ml Sharing Beer Bottle
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The epitome of our sour beer blending program, taking the very best barrels from our library and blending beer aged between 1 and 3 years in the barrel for a truly Gueuze-inspired beer.

This summer blend is very light and spritzy with bundles of juicy fruit character from the old fruited barrels and funky yeast strains. This beatifully balances the sour punch occuring from both fermentation and maturation developing in barrel.

The beauty of this years blend comes from 3 barrels that amalgamate together to bring a unique brilliance to The Blend 2018.
Barrel 293: named ‘The Fruit Mongler’, is a single barrel blend of last years blend 17, with a touch of aged Wild Goose Chase and the lees of a barrel of Redwood.
Barrel 319: a white wine barrel aptly named ‘Finger Crusher’ that held a year old Sourdough that has aged to perfection.
Barrel 453: A Bordeux red wine barrel first used to age a Modus blend for Beyond Modus 3.