Tap 5 HopfenWeisse - Schneider Weisse - Weizendoppelbock, 8.2%, 500ml Bottle

Tap 5 HopfenWeisse

Schneider Weisse
Weizendoppelbock, 8.2%, 500ml Bottle
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A new wheat beer dimension

Go on a discovery: "Hopfenweisse" - the incomparable pleasure experience that surpasses all expectations... hoppy, but flowery, tart full-bodied, and yet with malty aromatic sweetness - wheat beer can taste so multifaceted. A special treat, tailor-made!

We recommend our Hopfenweisse with spicy-exotic dishes such as curries, spare ribs with a spicy marinade and sophisticated chocolates such as a chili dark chocolate praline. This is how you ignite a real firework of the senses!