Tamborine Mountain - Pressure Drop - New England Pale Ale, 5.8%, 440ml Can

Tamborine Mountain

Pressure Drop
New England Pale Ale, 5.8%, 440ml Can
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This beer takes our favourite hop combination of Mosaic & Amarillo and gives it the New England treatment. Tropical fruit on the nose, with a soft mouthfeel & low bitterness- Tamborine Mountain tastes like sitting on the verandah watching a thunderstorm rolling in with mango juice running down your chin.

Tamborine Mountain is nestled in a rainforest covered corner of South East Queensland, this beer reminds us of being there, under the lush tropical canopy.  We hope that when you drink it, you too are transported to your happy place.

Label Artwork by our Sienna who grew up on Tamborine Mountain.