Supersonic Tonic - Dugges Bryggeri - Grapefruit & Tonic Water Sour, 4%, 330ml Bottle

Supersonic Tonic

Dugges Bryggeri
Grapefruit & Tonic Water Sour, 4%, 330ml Bottle
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Grapefruit & Tonic Water Sour

A puckering, mouthwatering lower ABV sour beer flavored with grapefruit peel and tonic water? And, it is supersonic? Could it be? A beverage that travels faster than the speed of light!? A lot of questions and really only one answer: Boom!

Almost four years ago we started playing around with the idea of a tonic sour. We just, intuitively, though it sounded like a great idea and a lovely taste combination; our fresh lactobacillus sour base paired with the bite that a tonic gives. We tried a lot of different tonic waters, we even made our own tonic, several times, and then finally (FINALLY!) we got it right. Sour beer, tonic and then a little bit of grapefruit zest for a fruitier, sweeter (though not sweet) finish. So refreshing! We’re really happy that we’ve gotten this one over the line and hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do.