Suffrajitsu - Brass Castle - Gluten Free Baltic Porter, 8%, 440ml Can


Brass Castle
Gluten Free Baltic Porter, 8%, 440ml Can
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Suffrajitsu was the name given to the style of Jui Jitsu that ‘Suffragette’ activists trained in and practiced, to protect themselves from heavy handed police tactics and counter-demonstrators.  ‘Tribute’ was the theme for the 2020 International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day – so here’s our tribute to the origins of International Women’s Day and the suffragists: an 8.0% Baltic Porter.  This is a straight complex version of this intriguing lager style.  Baltic Porter’s are a sweet, robust dark beer.  This one has bags of roastiness, dried dark fruit tones, some smoke, liquorice notes and burnt treacle.