Strawberry - Dugges Bryggeri - Strawberry Sour Ale, 4.8%, 330ml Bottle


Dugges Bryggeri
Strawberry Sour Ale, 4.8%, 330ml Bottle
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Single Fruit Sour Series

Sometimes we brew to showcase something specific, to let something really shine. And, that’s what we did with this flavored beer. We made a puckering sour beer and then added Strawberry. So much Strawberry. Strawberry!

We’ve done a lot of sour beer here at Dugges. We’ve done some many taste variants with fruit and spices that we’ve lost count. And, we’ve played around with malt bills, yeasts, levels of alcohol and acidity to the point that we almost though we’d tried everything.
One thing we hadn’t done though, weirdly enough, was to focus on one single fruit; to methodically go through fruit by fruit to see how they work and would taste in a sour beer. So, that’s how this new single fruit series started. Strawberry is the second fruit out but there’ll be many more. Cheers!