Stoke Red 2018 - Wilding Cider - Single Variety Sweet Cider, 4.6%, 750ml Bottle

Stoke Red 2018

Wilding Cider
Single Variety Sweet Cider, 4.6%, 750ml Bottle
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Single variety Stoke Red from a single orchard, this is a pure expression of variety, of the season and of the orchard. Fermented extremely slowly, racking twice over the winter the fermentation slowed to an imperceptible pace before bottling in late August. A slight bit of fermentation has continued in the bottle to keep it fresh but essentially this is still, lusciously sweet cider with exceptional balance of sugar, tannin and acid. Displaying typical Stoke Red aromas of rose, strawberries and cream, the old trees in Abbot's Leigh have given impressive fullness of aroma and ripeness of tannin. Drink with soft, fresh cheeses at room temperature, or chill and drink with apple based puddings.