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Bohemian Pilsener, 4%, 440ml Can
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Every traditional brewing nation has a their own session beer that was brewed to quench the thirst of the working people. The Belgians have saison, the British have mild and bitter, the Germans have Helles and the Czechs have Czech Pale Lager or 10º as it is know there. 10º denotes the original density of the beer as in 10º Plato. It is the smaller version of 12º or Czech Pilsener and is one of the most widely drank beer styles in the country as it can be enjoyed in quantity without leaving the drinker weary. True to tradition our version has all of the rich malty character in a low ABV relatively bitter, dry beer but as ever we have strayed slightly from tradition with the hopping. One of our favourite lager hops Saphir is the singular hop of choice to provide a slightly fruitier, orangey note in place of traditional Czech Saaz. We feel the light caramelised malt goes really well with this hop to give an almost marmaladey feel while still retaining the spicy hop character that noble hops provide. So go on, sit down with good company and let a few pints of this characterful little beer be the accompaniment to good conversation on these warm summer days.