Staff Sergeant - Uiltje Brewing Co - Ice Distilled Imperial Stout, 18.6%, 330ml

Staff Sergeant

Uiltje Brewing Co
Ice Distilled Imperial Stout, 18.6%, 330ml
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A 18,6% Ice Distilled Imperial Stout.
He's a lean mean fighting machine. Cool under pressure, nerves of steel. an imperial ice-distilled stout with ice in its veins, buffed it up with American and French oak chips. To make our dark soldier's brew more accessible, we even gave it a back-story in the form of peaty Scottish malt and some campfire smoke. But a staff sergeant is a staff sergeant, no matter how human you make him. so, when you sip our stout you don't say hi but attent-hut!! because at 18,6% he can poke your eye out, kid. Dismissed! at ease! or do whatever it is that staff sergeants say.