Soul Control - Polly's Brew Co - Cherry IPA, 6.2%, 440ml

Soul Control

Polly's Brew Co
Cherry IPA, 6.2%, 440ml
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What happens when a brewer is given unlimited free rein to utilise any ingredient they want to create the most outlandish effort to come from Polly's HQ? Soul Control is what happens.
Faced with an incoming order of cherries for a now-cancelled rebrew of Kirschentart, we funnelled a massive 160kg into one of our IPAs to create a Frankenstein's monster of an Augment beer. Dry hopped to the same hopping rate as one of our regular Augment IPAs with Comet, Chinook and Ekuanot, and loaded with another 100kg of lactose to smooth out the tartness and add huge amounts of body to go with those sweet, juicy tropical notes, this might be our most decadent, outlandish, and eccentric Augment beer yet.