Port Spices - Dugges Bryggeri - Port Barrel Aged Imperial Stout, 13%, 330ml Bottle

Port Spices

Dugges Bryggeri
Port Barrel Aged Imperial Stout, 13%, 330ml Bottle
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Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

A port wine barrel aged version of our spiced up Deer Bear
collab Plum Spices. Taking something already intricate and complex yet extremely balanced to a whole other level. Set sail and feel the waves!

Late 2016 we got an e-mail asking if we wanted to be a part of the Beer Geek Madness festival in Wrocław, Poland. Naturally, we said yes. Late March we flew down, landed in Swedish mid July weather and got to experience one of the wildest beer fests ever. Imagine having a brainstorming meeting about what you wanted to do while arranging a beer festival, then doing everything you come up with. That’s what it was like. And, in the midst of it all there was a peoples choice competition for best beer by a Polish (exhibiting) brewery. Deer Bear won with a spiced Gose, and the price? Well, to brew with us. We took the spices and added them to a stout instead, then we put that stout into port wine barrels. Bigger!