Pogo - Wild Beer Co - Pale + Passionfruit + Orange + Guava, 4.1%, 330ml Can


Wild Beer Co
Pale + Passionfruit + Orange + Guava, 4.1%, 330ml Can
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Fruit and beer are a constant in our brewing repertoire. This beer combines a boldly hopped pale ale, brimming with Tropical fruit character from southern hemisphere hops and adding Passion-fruit, Orange and Guava.

POGO was inspired by our head brewers favourite fruits he loved to eat whilst growing up in California. Initially the beer started life as a hoppy pale ale but with the adition of real fruit and lactose it completely changes it, adding satisying layers of fresh tropical fruits whilst retaing the flavours of the solid malt base. Starting its life as a one off special it now has a permant place in our can and keg range.

The name POGO is actually an acronym as we added passion fruit, orange zest, guava puree, and orange juice - P.O.G.O