Pils - Kulmbacher Brauerei - Pilsner, 4.9%, 500ml Bottle


Kulmbacher Brauerei
Pilsner, 4.9%, 500ml Bottle
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- classic, dry-finished -

Pale and light is our classic, dry-finished EKU Pils with traditionally balanced hoppy aroma. The enjoyment of EKU Pils starts already in the pour and ends with the right glass. To unfold its fine hoppy aroma and form a nice head, EKU Pils is poured quickly in 2 to 3 minutes and served in a slender, tall, upwards tapering »chalice«. Often referred to also as a »little beer«, EKU Pils is enjoyed as an aperitif, in-between, or as the crowning finale before heading home. Bavarians call it a »Pfiff«.*

4.9% alcohol content
11.6% original wort

*The Germans call EKU Pils as a »Pfiff«, which means »whistle«. A »Pfiff« is a small quantity, in current use generally 200 milliliters.

EKU Pils and its Origin

Brewed in the pilsner style, the Pils type of beer was invented only 150 years ago. The strongholds of Bavarian pils brewers today are in the northern part of Bavaria, in Franconia, where EKU Pils has its roots. Here, the especially soft brewing water from the nearby central German low mountains, the high-quality barley, and the fine aromatic hops from local soils and gardens give EKU Pils its distinctive flavor.