Pils - Braybrooke - Pilsner, 5%, 330ml Bottle


Pilsner, 5%, 330ml Bottle
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At Braybrooke we really care about selecting the right ingredients for our lagers. Since last year, we’ve been sourcing our hops straight from the Locher hop farm in the Tettnang region of Germany. Processed on site, shipped directly to us and stored in our cold room, they are noble hops at their finest. This Pils is a celebration of these fantastic hops.

The recipe is simple: 100% Franconian Pilsner malt and a lot of hops. We used a blend of five varieties at five different stages: Mittelfruh, Rottenburger, Spalt Select, Tradition, and especially a lot of Tettnanger that we added at the end of the boil and in the whirlpool.

Herbaceous, floral, dry and uncompromisingly bitter, this is the kind of Pils we love to drink.