Petrichor - Duration - Agricultural IPA, 6%, 440ml


Agricultural IPA, 6%, 440ml
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Sun, soil and rain the horticulturalists triumvirate. Petrichor is the appealing scent that lingers in the air after rain falls on warm ground. Brewed in collaboration with Cloudwater this IPA delivers earth and fruit notes from hops and organic Norfolk beetroots from nearby Bagthorpe Farm. The terpenes and geosmin present in both bring Petra (stone) and Ichor (blood of the Gods). The smell of rain on a summer’s day in a beer.

Getting to showcase local organic producer Bagthorpe Farms in a Norfolk led – agriculturally focused -collaborative brew felt like coming home to us. A real way to thank Cloudwater for their support in believing in us and getting to make the beer we hope to become known for.

We had a real blast coming up with the concept too and creating this beer was extra fun, peeling and grinding 2 sacks of beetroots to go in the whirlpool. Especially after our purple veg carrot day causes such a commotion on Cloudwaters brewkit.

Plus to represent both the aspirational heights of Cloudwater and the grounded nature of Duration in a beer this felt like a perfect recipe for the union. Imagine a recipe that let’s you smell something as evocative as rain on a summers day.