Pavement Licker - Verdant Brewing Co - DIPA, 8%, 440ml

Pavement Licker

Verdant Brewing Co
DIPA, 8%, 440ml
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An exciting art collaboration between Pavement Licker zine and Verdant. Verdant says:

"Please be aware that labels included in this series feature artwork that individuals may find controversial. It was our intention to create a collaboration that mirrored the experience of visiting an exhibition. Not every piece will be to your taste, some may even offend you, however we wanted the project to transcend beer and remain true to the celebrated body of work Pavement Licker and its collaborators have crafted over the past 17 years - and that includes confronting subjects that are considered taboo. Obviously we want everyone to enjoy the beer, but please prepare for a DIPA that may prove more provocative than our previous releases."

Bring, It. On.