Non IPA - Jopen - Low Alcohol IPA, 0.3%, 330ml Bottle


Low Alcohol IPA, 0.3%, 330ml Bottle
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Jopen Non IPA – Low-alcohol IPA, 0.3% – 33cl

Taste description
Jopen Non IPA is Jopen's first low-alcohol beer. Due to the use of a special type of yeast, hardly any sugars are converted into alcohol during the brewing process. In addition, we have added a lot of hops, making this IPA tasteful and fruity. And that, of course, is what you want with an IPA. To give the beer a real Haarlem touch, we used three different grains. In the Middle Ages, every Haarlem beer had to be brewed with barley, wheat and oats. The result: a fruity, malty and slightly bitter beer.

The name refers to non-alcoholic and to the home base of Jopenbier: the Jopenkerk Haarlem.