Nitro Hot Chocolate Stout - Lervig Bryggeri X North Brewing Co- Imperial Chocolate Stout, 10%, 330ml

Nitro Hot Chocolate Stout

Lervig Bryggeri X North Brewing Co
Imperial Chocolate Stout, 10%, 330ml
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Watch this before you open it!!
We’ve brewed twice in Leeds with North Brew Co., so were
delighted when they were able to come to Stavanger and brew
with us. The first two brews we made together were fruited
sours, so this time we decided to go for a big stout… we like
stouts, and we know North like stouts - so it was a no brainer.
But to change things up a little we agreed to try our collective
hands at a Nitro…
So in true Lervig / North fashion we made an extremely decedent
and bold stout. On to of that we added about 3 times the
normal amount of cocoa nibs to get the deepest most natural
chocolate flavour we possibly could. Tasting great in the tank…
time to run it on the cans! We were super excited to test our
new widget cans out.