Ninkasi Barrel Aged - Wild Beer Co - Barrels + Wild Yeasts + Ninkasi + Time, 9%, 330ml Bottle

Ninkasi Barrel Aged

Wild Beer Co
Barrels + Wild Yeasts + Ninkasi + Time, 9%, 330ml Bottle
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Ninkasi is our celebratory beer brewed with a copious amount of NZ hops and made with 10% locally sourced Somerset apple juice. This beer’s roots run deep within our brewery, we have continuously brewed it since 2012 and we have no plans to stop anytime soon! The delicate white wine notes and vinous nature from the barrels compliment the depth and the body of a classic Wild Beer.

In 2013 we experimented with ageing a batch in Cider Brandy barrels, the result was absolutely staggering and Ninkasi Premier Cru was born.

This version has been aged in white wine barrels for 18 months allowing for further development and maturation in the oak. The barrels have complemented the beer beautifully, homogenising the different flavours together and allowing the funky apple character to really shine.