Movies in the Jacuzzi - Polly's Brew Co - Guava IPA, 6.4%, 440ml Can

Movies in the Jacuzzi

Polly's Brew Co
Guava IPA, 6.4%, 440ml Can
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It's back again! We first brewed Movies before lockdown as a keg only beer and an experiment into more expansive fruit additions to our beers. Named in honour of one of our favourite movie villains - Back to the Future Part II's Biff Tannen, this beer is pure Lally down to a T. We've mixed up one of our usual IPAs with masses of Guava added during fermentation. Padded out with a generous helping of dextrin and oat malts to bring the sweetness up to the next level, and dry-hopped with Amarillo and Chinook hops to bring a little bit of pine and a tropical complexity on board, this is a beer that best displays the talents of our wonderful head brewer.