Meckatzer Weiss-Gold - Meckatzer Löwenbräu - Alkoholfrie Weissbier, 0.5%, 500ml Bottle

Meckatzer Weiss-Gold

Meckatzer Löwenbräu
Alkoholfrie Weissbier, 0.5%, 500ml Bottle
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The Meckatzer Weiss-Gold alcohol-free has a light, brilliant gold tone and a delicate foam. The nose is delighted with the fresh scents of mountain meadow, grain and a nuance of blossom honey. After a frothy start, the drink is dry and light. A touch of biscuit caresses the palate; the bitter is harmoniously integrated.

Original wort: 12.5%
alcohol content: <0.5% vol.
Calorie content: approx. 16 kcal / 0.1 l