Liripip - Wild Beer Co - Mixed Fermentation Table Beer, 2.7%, 330ml Can


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Mixed Fermentation Table Beer, 2.7%, 330ml Can
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Liripip is the very first table beer we have made!

At just 2.7% Liripip has all of the body of a higher ABV beer thanks to our mixed fermentation techniques and a dry-hop which gives an unexpected punch to the table beer style.

Using the same saison and wine yeast blend as Murmur, Liripip has a full mouthfeel as a result of the mannoproteins produced by the wine yeasts. This helps to give more body and complexity to a lower ABV beer. We have also used new to us Simcoe and Mosaic hops.

The specific hops we have used are those that are leftover from the cryo-hop process - the leafiness that best resembles noble hops. These hops create a grassiness whilst still retaining their classic US fruitiness. Combined, this pairing of yeast and hops give for a characterful and tasty low ABV beer.