La Saison des Poires 2020 - Oliver's - Sparkling Dry Fine Perry Co-Ferment, 6.2%, 750ml Bottle

La Saison des Poires 2020

Sparkling Dry Fine Perry Co-Ferment, 6.2%, 750ml Bottle
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A collaboration with After the Harvest Brewing and Alex & Gabe Cook: using a wort of pils (80%) & wheat grist (20%) with aged Bramling X & Goldings Hops fermented by Belle Saison yeast. Co-fermented with a spontaneously fermented Perry of Blakeney Red (30%), Gin (30%), Red Longdon (30%), & Butt (10%)pears. Then conditioned & matured in the bottle.

Ginger beer coloured, it's all pear & saison on the nose, as citrus lemon notes turn to lime on tasting, with a yeasty saison character that goes on to dominates the taste. Very refreshing & moreish. This fully fermented saison was made last winter, to be drunk in the summer to slake the thirst of harvest workers. Alc. 6.2% vol.