Kristall-Weizen - Edelweissbrauerei Farny  - Kristall-Weizen, 5.3%, 500ml Bottle


Edelweissbrauerei Farny
Kristall-Weizen, 5.3%, 500ml Bottle
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As early as 1924, the master brewer at the time, Wilhelm Zeitler, brewed a crystal-clear wheat beer for the first time.

The FARNY brewery is therefore the proud inventor of this special beer specialty. In 1926, professors at the Weihenstephan State Training and Research Institute attested: "It is a very special beer, which has a fine mousse like champagne." A completely new type of beer was given its name, "Champagne-Wheat". This generic term has not been used since the mid-1960s, as the term is protected under EU law for champagne farmers in France.

The quality is unmatched to this day. Because to this day it is brewed according to a closely guarded secret original recipe.


light yellow


fresh to neutral


reminiscent of citrus fruits
and a summer meadow scent

The taste:

reminiscent of ripe
exotic fruits


fine-pored stable, is supported by the slightly - but constantly - rising carbonic acid


The high content of natural fermentation carbonic acid is striking.
That is why it is considered the fresh thirst quencher for friends of sparkling beers.