Humble Clairvoyance - Polly's Brew Co - DIPA, 8.5%, 440ml Can

Humble Clairvoyance

Polly's Brew Co
DIPA, 8.5%, 440ml Can
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We've got a lot of hops sat in our cold store currently, and we're getting very bored not getting to use them all. We decided to go bigger than any other beer we've brewed this year with Humble Clairvoyance. Rocking in at a mighty 8.5% but drinking like a beer half its weight, this beer is about one thing and one thing only - straight up juice.
With so many hops sitting in our cold store, we made a point of loading as many as we physically could into this beer, with nearly 50kg of Galaxy, Enigma, Citra and Mosaic loaded into the dry-hop. Expect a metric tonne of pineapple, mango, papaya, and clementine notes backed up with massive silky mouthfeel; a gleaming example of how far our brewing techniques have come along in our short two year existence