Hexagon Project 9 Hot Ones - Salt Beer Factory - Mango & Habanero DIPA, 8.2%, 440ml Can

Hexagon Project 9 Hot Ones

Salt Beer Factory
Mango & Habanero DIPA, 8.2%, 440ml Can
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Lous Brews Hot Sauce are the spark to light this collab. Hops and chillis go hand in hand accentuating each other's flavours and aromas; we chose our favourites Citra and Habanero.

We fused the two together with fresh mango to really ignite this beer!

What you have before you is a huge DIPA that is exploding with tropical aromas and a hint of spice combined with an alluring look of glowing liquid gold.

The thickness of a mango smoothie erupts with a welcoming warmth. A burst of dank fruity hop characters like papaya, peach and grapefruit ease you into the lush outburst of a fiery mango incendiary


The hexagon project represents brewing with no-limits.

This series of small-batch, untethered and diverse beers allows us to experiment with non-traditional brewing methods & ingredients to create layers of flavour, texture, body & mouthfeel.

We define a project as 'A collaborative enterprise meticulously planned to achieve a particular aim'.

Each iteration of The Hexagon Project represents a carefully thought-out journey, beginning with our inspiration and culminating in our aim - To create pleasure through beer.