Hefeweizen Alkolfrei  - Rothaus - Hefeweizen Alkolfrei, 0%, 500ml Bottle

Hefeweizen Alkolfrei

Hefeweizen Alkolfrei, 0%, 500ml Bottle
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Non-alcoholic wheat beer

Yeast-fine taste? Alcohol-free enjoyment? But gladly!

The finest wheat malt, noble aroma hops from Tettnang and the Hallertau and brewing yeast from our own pure breeding also make a steep career at Rothaus in the non-alcoholic wheat beer variant. The perfectly coordinated ingredients inspire as much as the craftsmanship of the Rothaus master brewer.

No question: The fine-pearled, unfiltered Rothaus Non-Alcoholic Wheat Wheat is a refreshing beer specialty that is always in season.