Heavy Sunshine - Polly's Brew Co - IPA, 6.5%, 440ml

Heavy Sunshine

Polly's Brew Co
IPA, 6.5%, 440ml
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Despite the best efforts of the British weather, summer is actually here now, believe it or not. Whilst it may not be a summer we're particularly used to, we still wanted to bring as much of that summer vibe to this beer, to remind everyone of those hazy, hazy summers past.
Heavy Sunshine is our effort at creating a beer that encapsulates that bright, joyous vibe of summer; with generous additions of Citra, Mosaic, and Enigma in the dry hop, all wrapped up in our new favourite yeast, Kveik. The result is an awesomely rounded, hazy juicebomb of a beer, perfect for enjoying with (socially distanced) pals, and looking forward to those good times again.