Havtorn - Dugges Bryggeri - Sea Buckthorn Sour, 5.5%, 330ml Bottle


Dugges Bryggeri
Sea Buckthorn Sour, 5.5%, 330ml Bottle
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Sea Buckthorn Sour

Label text:

We don’t usually give our beers Swedish names. This is, however, not a usual beer. This is an homage to a classic, the sea buckthorn. Packed with it, in abundance, full on, with a sour twist. Say after us: Havtorn!

Story text:

We’ve done sours for a lot of years now. And, we’ve experimented with so many fruits, spices and combinations that we’ve lost count. One thing that we hadn’t done, though, was a sea buckthorn sour, an almost obvious Swedish classic. So, when we got challenged to produce a classic Swedish tasing fruit beer. This is where our minds went. Enjoy!