Great Northern Lager - Northern Monk - Lager, 4.3%, 440ml Can

Great Northern Lager

Northern Monk
Lager, 4.3%, 440ml Can
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It's no secret that we're big on creativity and innovation at Northern Monk. We love our big juicy IPAs and impy stouts, however, sometimes what you want is simplicity. We've been brewing lagers in Patrons and at our Refectory for a while now - we've taken everything we have learnt, continuing to tweak the recipes until we were confident of brewing a really good lager, coming in at a sessionable 4.3%. Bamsberg pilsner malt and Saaz hops bring a distinct clean character to this pilsner-style lager, with additions of wheat rounding out the mouthfeel. We've heard it tastes especially good sat in the sun in your back garden... (on your own or with your household only of course)