Göller Baptist Helles - Brauerei Göller - Helles, 4.9%, 500ml Bottle

Göller Baptist Helles

Brauerei Göller
Helles, 4.9%, 500ml Bottle
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Baptist Helles

Baptist Helles is based on the beer style that was brewed in the "Alte Freyung" at the beginning of the 20th century, when our great-grandfather Joseph Göller ran the brewery together with his wife Magarethe and brother Baptist:
Baptist Göller was in the Alte Freyung for responsible for agriculture, while company founders Joseph and Magarethe Göller took care of the brewery and the inn. Baptist's “shrewdness” and his passion for sheep's head have been handed down to this day.
Baptist Helles is bottom-fermented, soft, mildly spicy and, above all, tasty!

Characteristic: soft, mild-spicy, tasty

Colour: light yellow

Drinking temperature: 6-8 ° C

Original wort: 11.5 percent by weight

Alcohol content: 4.9 percent by volume