Giv Aldrig Op - Alefarm - DIPA, 8%, 440ml Can

Giv Aldrig Op

DIPA, 8%, 440ml Can
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8% ABV, Giv Aldrig Op is a DIPA dry-hopped with Ella, Enigma, Vic Secret and Galaxy.


Jonas Peter Pløger was a First Lieutenant serving in the Danish Army. He was hit by an improvised explosive device after his platoon was in contact with the enemy on their way out of the Green Zone in Afghanistan.⁣

I have so many fond memories of our time together that I cannot count them even if I tried.⁣

I remember vividly the late nights in high school where I fixed his mother's computer while he did my math homework. I remember the first parties we threw and the many Friday evenings drinking beers and listening to music.⁣

I even remember that one night when we were assaulted somewhere outside Copenhagen. I was punched in the face so hard that blood was bursting out of an open wound that turned into a scar that I still carry to this day.⁣

Jonas stood up for me that night. He always took responsibility, he was always in the front line and he always fought bravely. I remember my friend for his courage, his determination and his sense of orderliness.⁣

On July 21, it will be 10 years since he fell in Afghanistan. On that day, I will visit his grave at Solbjerg Kirkegård and drink a beer that we have brewed in his honor.⁣

I am proud to present Giv Aldrig Op, a DIPA coming in at 8% that's been dry-hopped with Ella, Enigma, Vic Secret and Galaxy. This is quite possibly the best DIPA that we have brewed at Alefarm Brewing.⁣

The name itself is Danish and translates to Never Give Up. These are the words that read on his gravestone and words that have defined my career as an entrepreneur - and as a human being - ever since. Keep fighting and never give up.⁣

Hvil i fred, min ven, og tak for det hele. Jeg savner dig virkelig. Giv aldrig op.⁣

All the best,⁣
Kasper Tidemann
Founder and CEO⁣⁣
Alefarm Brewing⁣

Contains malts (barley, oat, wheat), hops, yeast and water.

Canned on July 2nd. Best Before January 2nd, 2021. 

440 ml can.