Future Holds - Polly's Brew Co - IPA, 6.5%, 440ml Can

Future Holds

Polly's Brew Co
IPA, 6.5%, 440ml Can
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Sometimes the best thing to do is just to go with what you know best. We think we're pretty good at brewing an IPA here at Polly's HQ, and with Future Holds we decided to let our natural instincts just go wild. Extra Pale, Wheat, and oh so many Oats in the mash give all that thick, beautiful mouthfeel. Amarillo and Chinook dry-hop charges give that old school bite we love, with Citra and Sabro for new school mega juice flavours and aromas. Wrapped up in a huge slathering of LA3 for maximum suspension and an extra boost on the body; this is stereotypical Polly's - high juice, low bitterness, and so so moreish.