From Mountains Rivers Flow - Cloudwater X Odell Brewing - IPA, 6%, 440ml

From Mountains Rivers Flow

Cloudwater X Odell Brewing
IPA, 6%, 440ml
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First up are the trailblazers from Odell Brewing Co. We combined their pioneering approach to bright, clean, hoppy beer with our own signature style to create an IPA that's juicy, yet precise and refreshing, hopped exclusively with some of our favourite, bold English varietals.

Aroma & Flavour: Punchy hedgerow notes and resinous hop aromas, with flavours of tangerine, peach and blackcurrant, leading to a light marmalade bitterness
Body: Medium-bodied, bright and clean with a long finish
Aftertaste: Light and lasting pithy bitterness, orange pulp and resinous hop notes