Franck - Zapato Brewery - Citra Saturated Belgian IPA, 6.5%, 500ml Bottle


Zapato Brewery
Citra Saturated Belgian IPA, 6.5%, 500ml Bottle
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Soft, juicy and a little bit Belgian, Franck is the culmination of a couple of years of experimentation, making a balanced Belgian IPA that ticks all the fruity boxes. We use a blend of two yeasts, one Belgian and one British to create a harmonious sweetish profile of soft fruits, citrus, stone fruits and bubblegum to lift the judicious addition of fresh citra hops that are added throughout the process. Satsumas, sweet orange, lemon and a touch of hoppy dankness pop all over a canvas of gentle malt, oats and wheat. A touch of acid malt brings a tangy finish.