Everything We Dream Of - Polly's Brew Co - DDH DIPA, 8.7%, 440ml Can

Everything We Dream Of

Polly's Brew Co
DDH DIPA, 8.7%, 440ml Can
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Remember how we said the end of the year is best for any hop-forward beer fan? This might just be the most intense experiment we've ever done on one of our DIPAs. With a dry-hop bill that exceeds even one of our standard TIPAs, this is the easily the most hop-forward, flavour packed, insane piece of alchemy we've produced to date, utilizing the very best of what we had sat in our cold store. Featuring seventy (you read that right, SEVENTY) kilograms of hops, we've smashed through the 30g/l hopping rate ceiling with aplomb, loading this beer with equal parts El Dorado, Vic Secret, and Simcoe for a full on flavour explosion of stone fruits, mango, papaya, and dank, sticky, pine notes to finish. An intense experience from start to finish, and not for the faint of heart!