Enigmatic - Equilibrium Brewery - Triple IPA, 10%, 473ml Can


Equilibrium Brewery
Triple IPA, 10%, 473ml Can
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The Tasmanian Devil graces the label of our next beer. It’s one of the pictures from Pete’s photo album titled “Straight Outta the Southern the Hemisphere” (?). The Tasmanian Devil is the lore of Looney Tune legend although they do not really spin around like the cartoon character, they can be outrun by chickens, they normally cannot see 3 feet in front of their face, their eyes reflect red (like a devil), and they throw incredible temper tantrums when hungry. Enigmatic indeed.

Enigmatic starts with a base of white wheat and oats before a big Citra whirlpool. We then generously dry hopped it with Enigma and Galaxy. Enigmatic pours a glowing bright tangerine with an aroma of tropical citrus, pineapple, and earthy berry.
Big flavors of tangerine, pineapple, pinot gris, and, berry lead the way into a dank tropical fruit twist flavor from our signature #EQjuice profile. A few cans of this smooth and incredibly delicious concoction may have you dizzy.