Electricity Supply Board - Cloudwater X White Hag - ESB, 6%, 440ml Can

Electricity Supply Board

Cloudwater X White Hag
ESB, 6%, 440ml Can
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For this collaboration with our friends across the Irish Sea at Cloudwater Brew Co.

we set a challenge to each other. As we both enjoy turning up the volume and letting loose, that challenge became to make a beer the other brewery would really enjoy for an all day knees up!

Since 1927 the Electricity Supply Board have been lighting up the party and amplifying the session. In fact, we wouldn't have a beer or a party without them and their lovely power. This ESB ale is a tribute to electrifying the session. It’s a bitter ale, an extra special traditional English classic style, burnt red, clear with a cream-white head, carrying notes of caramel and toffee, with a smooth malt finish.

Enjoy it with the lights on and the party turned right up.

6% ABV, 440ml