Vintage Dry Season 2018 - Oliver's - Medium Dry Cider, 8.4%, 750ml Bottle

Vintage Dry Season 2018

Medium Dry Cider, 8.4%, 750ml Bottle
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Still, dry cider matured in a vanilla oak casks for 18 or more months. Plum pudding nose, rich burnished colour and full of apple skins, autumnal orchard floor and the old oak barn, got a touch of blue cheese too.

Season 2018 in this Single Vintage.

Bright, burnished cider, still as Dozmary pool. On the nose wood, spice, char, vanilla and ripe fruit. Flavour of sweet fruit to start then touch of brett, funk, then oak, char and more over ripe fruit. So full and round. Great finish with satisfying mouthfeel of sweet fruit and spicy charred oak