Ditcheat Hill 2018 - Wilding Cider - Single Orchard Cider, 4.7%, 750ml Bottle

Ditcheat Hill 2018

Wilding Cider
Single Orchard Cider, 4.7%, 750ml Bottle
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We wanted to reimagine the single orchard cider not as a 'field blend' where everything goes into the one tank, but 'orchard selections' where a one tank blend is made up using the best fruit from the orchard in proportions which seem to make sense for balance while reflecting the identity of the orchard. We used Browns (40%) for acidity, Harry Masters (25%) as the principle bitter sweet with Red Jersey(7%),  Ashton Brown's Jersey(7%) and Yarlington Mill (5%) in supporting roles, and Sweet Coppin (7%) as a sweet to add aroma and keep tannin levels appropriate. The result is full bodied and complex, a voluptuous and well balanced expression of Somerset cider and a reflection of what we think is extraordinary terroir.