Disco Nouveau 2021 - Little Pomona X Burum Collective - Pet Nat Cider, 6.5%, 750ml Bottle

Disco Nouveau 2021

Little Pomona X Burum Collective
Pet Nat Cider, 6.5%, 750ml Bottle
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Disco Nouveau, the first cider of the season, is back! The 2021 includes 10% beautiful pink-fleshed apple, Rosette, along with Discovery, and the merest splash of perry pears and Egremont Russet. Wild fermented and bottled as a pét nat, this is dry, very fresh, with aromatics that sing notes of strawberry and crushable cranberry as well as apple skins.

Last year Disco Nouveau raised awareness of cider throughout the year. This year it shines the spotlight on the amazing work of the Burum Collective, the brainchild of Helen Anne Smith – one of our talented 2021 harvest crew – and Rachel Hendry.

They write:

“Burum Collective is an informal publication, network and platform designed to connect people who work in beer, wine and cider,  helping to improve the drinks industry through inclusivity, accessibility an education.”

Drink cold. Gluten free. Vegan friendly.