DDH Paternist - Polly's Brew Co - DDH Triple IPA, 10%, 440ml

DDH Paternist

Polly's Brew Co
DDH Triple IPA, 10%, 440ml Can
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Well it would be rude not to, wouldn't it? After absolutely overwhelming feedback to DDH Spur back in early July, we immediately fastracked another of the original three Augment beers into TIPA mode, with Patternist lined up next. Arguably the most underrated of the original three, but scoring mega points for its simple, unfussy hop bill and ornate tile artwork, we've supercharged the hop bill on this incredible beer to an insane 60kg of El Dorado and Simcoe. Much like its upscaled sibling, this beer is about one thing and one thing only; pure and unadulterated juice. Next to zero bitterness, just straight up mango, passionfruit, and papaya to the max. Insane.